Moving from Best Friends to Lovers is Worth the Risk

5 Easy reasons why Moving from Best Friends to Lovers is Worth the Risk

One of the greatest blessings one could ever have is a best friend. It’s a good experience to just have someone who is there for you and someone you can confide in.

You can’t avoid falling in love with your best friend because you spend a lot of time together, therefore, you know how the person is. These kinds of attractions are always not noticeable. Other individuals will easily notice it even before you notice it yourselves and admit it. You will only know how you feel for your best friend once you’ve contemplated it. It is during that time that you will realize you’re deeply in love with that person. It is a good feeling although it used to be terrifying. You will ask yourselves a number of questions after realizing this such as is this worth risking your friendship for? Yes, this is worth the risk, let me tell you why.

  1. Your best friend has a well understanding of who you are

This means that you have well-shared experiences which are good for a relationship. It is through these experiences that you get to know and learn about the other person, their beliefs want and visions.

  1. You are free to be yourself

Your best friend knows you well, therefore, you are free to be yourself when around them. They accept you for who you are without judging you. They know how to handle your madness and will not have to look perfect. They love you will all your imperfections.

  1. You can wholly have belief in them

You can always entrust them with everything in your life without a doubt. Be it personal or general.

  1. There is a deeper and stronger connection between you

The connection you had before will definitely continue. Fun and new encounters. During hard times you’ll be there for each other and even support each other when necessary.

  1. The person is definitely a keeper since they understand you better than any other person

You might doubt your best friend but at least you are aware that you are in good hands. Just give your relationship an opportunity to avoid regretting later why you didn’t give it a try. It requires belief although no one knows how things will end. And since you’re best friends then you can risk and make things work out