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Working Past Insecure Relationships

Are you a person that is with someone and you are always feeling that you have to force them to complement you, or you want to know where they are “really” going when they go somewhere? Maybe you are always asking them to spend more time with you even though you just spent hours together. Do you always question your partner when they are on business meetings or spending time with one of their co-workers? If these things are happening, chances are that you are insecure with your relationship.

People are often insecure or jealous when they are in relationships. This can happen even if their partner loves them with everything and unconditionally. Even if you are in a new relationship, or have been married a long time, you may have these feelings. You have to learn how to stop having insecurities in your relationship if you want to have happiness.

What Causes Insecurities?

If you have been in a relationship and you are insecure, you are putting things in a negative perspective. Maybe you are in a relationship where your partner isn’t meeting the needs that you have, or you might have a low self-confidence or be afraid of what could happen. You have to figure out why you have these feelings so that you can solve them and work on your relationship with your partner.

Do You Have Self-Love?

The biggest reason that people are insecure is because they do not love themselves. They believe things that they have been told about not being good enough or being a failure. They often feel that they are unworthy of love and so this causes them not to trust anyone that says that they love them.

The foundation of any good relationship is trust and you have to stop believing negative things in your life. You must stop with the negative self-talk and build up your confidence so you can start trusting again.

Communication is Key

One of the biggest things is that you need to be able to communicate with your partner, especially if you feel fearful or insecure. When you can talk about what you are feeling and communicate with your partner, you will be able to express what is really going on with you and solve it.

What ways does your partner communicate? What is their style? Figure it out so you can talk about the issues.

Meeting Needs

The feelings of insecurity often come when your needs aren’t being met. There are different needs that people have to have in order to be happy and to grow. One of them is to connect while others include growing, having pleasure and feeling love and supported. Do you feel that your needs are being ignored?


Every relationship has to have balance, especially in the energies. Each relationship has both masculine and feminine energies and if there is one that is stronger than the other, there is a lack of harmony. When there are opposite forces, this is polarity and when you feel insecure, there has to be a balance to fix this.

Find Newness

One thing that you can do to fix your insecurities is to act like you just started dating each other again. When your relationship was new, you worked hard to make sure both of you were happy and both of you were excited.

Once life gets comfortable, we forget to worry about how our partner feels and we forget about passion. You have to bring passion back into the relationship so it can heal.

Make New Memories

People are always going to make mistakes. Even when the relationship almost seems perfect, there will be mistakes. Learn to accept that people fail and learn to leave those things behind. Learn to change your mindset and create a place where you can make wonderful memories together.

Stop Overthinking

When you are insecure, you will overthink everything that happens in your life. This is a big part of your emotions and thoughts and when you overthink things, they get out of control. This will cause your partner to become defensive, and this will cause there to be problems. It is okay for your partner to talk to the opposite sex and to have alone time, this is healthy.

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