Signs He No Longer Likes You
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Signs He No Longer Likes You

If you have noticed things just haven’t been the same lately, he may be sending subtle signs that he is ready to move on. It is important to know what to watch for. Some of the signs are included below.

Conversation Not Initiated

If you are always the one to call or text or when you are together, you have to start the conversation, it can be tough to ignore. We can make up excuses about him being busy or that the honeymoon stage is over, but do not ignore the problem. If he refuses to initiate conversation, then start looking deeper. He may be wanting to move on.


Related to the first issue, you may start seeing him less and less, even if he does talk when you two are together. He may start failing to reply to your text messages or not answering calls. It becomes obvious you are not hearing from him nearly as often. Pay attention when he does call, who initiates, doe she simply nee something? These are signs he is ready to move on.

Phone Over You

Some people are attached to their phones, always on them for something. While being on the phone for work is one thing, if the phone becomes the center of attention when you are relaxing or just hanging out, then pay attention. Watch his facial expressions. We all enjoy our phones, but if his time seems to have increased at your expense, then step back and figure out if he is still interested in your relationship. Ask him about it. If he gets defensive or elusive, then he may be seeking a way out.

Friends and Family

If you have been dating for a few months and you have yet to meet any family or friends to the point he won’t meet up with friends if you are together, then there is something a bit off. He may really like you and just not know how to bring it up or he may not see you as long term.

Friend Gatherings Stop

Perhaps you have met his friends, maybe even family, and it seems you are seeing less and less of them. Maybe he no longer invites you to attend group events, preferring to go alone. This is a sign he is trying to separate from you. This is not about him having guy time, that’s normal, but other times.

Not Focusing on You

One of the clearest signs that his feelings are gone is when you go out and his attention is focused on other women. If he takes time away from you to talk to other women then he has already moved on. This is different from you being overly jealous when he gives anyone the time of ay and him actually paying attention to others, but still there could be a problem.

Only About Sex

If the relationship is no longer a relationship but a long-term booty call, then he is not interested in anything else. He does not care about you or the long-term, move on.

He Doesn’t Care About Your Day

When the relationship seems like a chore for him when it is anything other than sex, then it may be a sure sign. This is when he starts acting like it is a chore that he even has to listen to anything about your day or appears annoyed when you talk about anything important to you. He is giving signs that he is no longer interested.

He Doesn’t Pay

This is a subtle sign that he may not be ready to end things, but that he is no longer willing to invest in things either. If he is always fining ways not to take you out or you are paying for your own drinks and meals or he suggests you meet at the movies an get the tickets ahead of time, then there may be a problem. This can happen from time to time or you may have always paid your own way, but if this is a new behavior, then it is also a sign.

No Cute Names

Some couples have cute pet names or nicknames for one another. Some do not and this is fine, but if you have them and they suddenly disappear from his vocabulary for more than a few days, then there is a problem and he may be preparing to leave.

Focused on an Ex

As women, it can be hard to accept that our man has feelings for his ex. We do not want to hear about her anymore than he wants to hear about our previous exes. If your man suddenly starts bringing up his ex, even if it is to talk about how much she hurt him, he may be saying that he still has feelings for her. If you feel something may be going on, ask. Make sure this is asking not accusing, but be sure to ask or share how it sounds.

Bedroom Changes

When you first start sleeping together, you may have felt like the only person in the world that meant everything to him, but over time this can change. If this changes to the point that he only thinks about himself, not caring about your needs, then his feelings have probably changed as well.

Signs He Doesn’t Like You

This one is pretty obvious. If he seems to not be interested in you and is not wanting to engage in intimacy, then he likely is finding a way out. If intimacy was once a  common occurrence and now things have slowed down with nothing else causing this, then his feelings likely changed.

Not Excited

Men don’t squeal or giggle, they show excitement to see us with a smile or full attention. Those interested in the relationship will give full eye contact and make it a point to talk to us. Otherwise, he may be losing interest.

Time Between Dates

When you first start dating you may go out every weekend and spend time together between those dates, but then it becomes every other weekend or only once in a while. This is often a sign he just doesn’t care anymore. People give time to what they care about and cherish.

Work as an Excuse

While work is a priority, if it becomes more and more of an excuse as to why he cannot come over or spend time with you in any way, then something may be wrong. There will be times when projects are due or company business needs handled, but this should not be increasing each week.

He Would Rather Stay In

Some men struggle to tell you that they do not like you, but they are not interested in a real relationship. If your guy seems to want to stay in instead of ever going out and this is new, he may not be that into you. He is trying to move you into the friend zone, so subtly push back and see what happens. If he shows no interest, then move on.

Lack of Physical Contact

Relationships should be mutual in communication, physical contact, an intimacy. If he has stopped reaching for your hand or leaning in for a kiss, then start to wonder why. This is only if he was touchy feely before and this is a change. If he pulls away, then let him go.

No Future Plans

If there was once a time when you would discuss the future, like a vacation next summer or a trip in six months, but that has stopped, then a problem has developed. If he is no longer planning a future for you together than he does not see one. Someone truly into a relationship will want to think and talk about the future.

Superficial Conversation

Women like to talk, men not so much. However, a man who is invested in your relationship will show they care through conversation. Whether it be about life, work, or how your day went, they will make an effort. When they do not like a woman anymore, they will checkout and keep the conversation superficial.

Avoiding Places

He may be taking you out and still planning dates, but if he starts avoiding certain places with no real reason or refuses to tell you where he is headed, then something may be up. If he avoids a certain bar or restaurant, then he is subtly avoiding you or being seen with you. A man committed to a relationship will not avoid any place with his woman.

Will Not Spend the Night

If a guy has started spending the night and then slowly starts spending more time away, pay attention. While there will be times it is necessary to be home, this should not start suddenly or when no other changes are present in his work or schedule. Take a close look at your relationship status.


Sometimes things come up that cause us to cancel, but if you are in the middle of making dinner or getting ready and he calls to cancel last minute, something may be up. Once and a while is normal, but if it happens often then there may be a problem brewing.

Texting and Calls

If nothing else changes, but he starts texting and answering calls when you are in bed together then a problem may exist. This is only a problem if it is new. If he once kept his phone on silent, but now it goes off constantly and he grabs for it, then ask yourself what the interest is or if he even cares you guys are together.

You Have a Feeling

Women all know that “gut feeling” that something is off. We also know it is rarely wrong. So, if your gut is telling you something is off, confront him. You deserve someone who has real feelings.

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