• Past Insecure Relationships
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    Working Past Insecure Relationships

    Are you a person that is with someone and you are always feeling that you have to force them to complement you, or you want to know where they are “really” going when they go somewhere? Maybe you are always asking them to spend more time with you even though you just spent hours together. Do you always question your partner when they are on business meetings or spending time with one of their co-workers? If these things are happening, chances are that you are insecure with your relationship. People are often insecure or jealous when they are in relationships. This can happen even if their partner loves them with…

  • Signs He is Not Over His Ex
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    Signs He is Not Over His Ex

    If you are questioning whether he is still in love with his ex, especially if you met shortly after their break-up, the likely answer is probably. Before you get upset and end things, keep in mind that anyone who has had a long-term relationship that suddenly ends, will hold feelings for a while. He may say he is over it, that the relationship ended long before they broke up, or he hated her, but this is rarely accurate. He says these types of things to keep insecurity in check. Just because he is thinking about his ex, does not mean he does not want a relationship with you or love…

  • He Doesn’t Love You Anymore
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    How to Know if He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

    Are you in a relationship where you realize that things aren’t as good as they used to be? Do you feel that someone you are with doesn’t love you anymore and no matter what you are doing, things never seem to be right? Maybe you have been trying to talk to him and he is avoiding you or he is acting withdrawn from you or he doesn’t text you back when you text him or he just says, “k.” Do you feel that you have a man that is pushing away from you? Maybe you have noticed that he has changed, and you aren’t sure why? Do you want to…

  • False Twin Flame
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    When You Meet Your False Twin Flame

    Once you find your real twin flame, your life will never be the same and no relationship will ever compare. This is different than your soulmate and when you reach this partner and find them, it will be like nothing you have ever experienced. A twin flame relationship means that you love deeper, and you love more than you ever imagined that you could love another person. While you are looking for your twin flame, there are chances that you might run into false twin flames. You might at first think that they are the one and then you realize that they are not truly committed to you and that…

  • Clingy in Your Relationship
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    Learn to Not Be Clingy in Your Relationship

    Do you have people that often tell you that you are too clingy or has your partner or a partner from your past talk about how needy you are? Even if you have the best thoughts in mind, being too clingy in a relationship can ruin it fast. What is Clingy? Clingy is when you become attached to people and where you depend on them too much. Maybe you enjoy spending time with your partner, but you have to make sure that you have boundaries. There are some great ways that you can go from being clingy to being self-fulfilling. Phone Time When you are a clingy person, chances are…

  • Fallen Out of Interest With the Person You Love
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    How to Know You’ve Fallen Out of Interest With the Person You Love

    Everything was exciting when you first met. You had a good honeymoon period but now things have grown stale. You still love the other person, but being with them doesn’t have the luster it used to have. It just isn’t as much fun anymore. You’ve lost interest in being with them but still love them deeply. This may be an odd place to be but happens. There are some signs to show you if this is the path you are on: They Aren’t Missed You used to long to be with them when they weren’t around. Now, you don’t mind it when they are gone. In some ways, you are…

  • Give Up a Relationship
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    It May Be Time to Give Up a Relationship: Here Are the Signs

    It can be hard to think that there will be a time in some relationships when it is time to stop hoping. Below are a few signs that it is time to give up hope that your relationship is going to change as well as the difference in heathy reasoning and wishful thinking when it comes to change. You may believe in your relationship, but are you simply wishing for a miracle that can never happen. The first thing you must learn is the difference between being wishful and being hopeful. Then, if necessary, find the strength and courage to move forward by either working together towards unity or accepting…

  • How to Find Closure in Life
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    How to Find Closure in Life

    If you are looking for closure, here are some things that you could tell the person that hurt you in your life: Deception You could tell them that the deceived you and that they made you believe there was a future with them. Better You are better off without them in your life. Lied You lied to me about everything and that is on you. Girls How many people did you treat the way that you treated me? How did you live with yourself? Good Guy and Bad Guy You had good in you, but you let the bad guy take over. Narcissist You are a complete narcissist. Falling for…

  • Navigating Unrequited Love
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    Navigating Unrequited Love

    Love can be a contact sport.  Nothing can be so difficult to endure than when you love someone who is unable to love you back.  You can be so consumed by the idea of wooing them, that is can seem like a shock when you realize they don’t share your passionate feelings.  Perhaps they aren’t ready for love, or someone else is a better romantic fit for them.  It can be hard to begin to process how to heal when you are overanalyzing any conceivable reason things are working out in this way. Don’t beat yourself up for being brave enough to voice your feelings and for falling for someone…

  • How to Know When You Should End it
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    How to Know When You Should End it

    There are times in some relationships when you may start thinking about ending it. There could be some things that lead up to this, such as an event, action, or comment. Sometimes, there isn’t anything dramatic. It could just be that it isn’t the same anymore or doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. This type of situation could pose some conflict. No one wants to give up a relationship and many women gain a lot of security from the familiar. To make this type of a decision, you need to evaluate why you are feeling this way. For this article, the advice is to deal solely with those who are…