• Dating as a Single Parent
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    Dating as a Single Parent

    Dating a single parent isn’t going to work for everyone and its something that you should really think about before you choose to get into this kind of relationship. You need to make sure that you have good chemistry with this person and that you are willing to allow kids in your life, which will always take place over other parts of the relationship. Remember, if the kids get sick or if something comes up, even if you have plans, they will be cancelled. You will have to understand that kids can be a little wild and that it can be challenging when you date someone that has children. Even…

  • Should You Stay or Leave Your Relationship?
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    Should You Stay or Leave Your Relationship?

    When you need help in your relationship and you are wondering if you should stay with your partner or you should move on, you might want to call a psychic. It is important for you to know about the future of your life and when you know you still have feelings but you are lacking the excitement of the earlier relationship, you just might be struggling what to do. There will always be changes in your relationship and sometimes these can make you feel scared or nervous about your life. You are not sure what you are feeling, and you wonder if your relationship is falling apart. Before you decide…

  • How to Move On from Heartbreak
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    How to Move On from Heartbreak

    There is eerie finality when you break up with your partner.  You might have been considering this split for a while, or it might have happened suddenly.  But suddenly the person you relied on, talked with daily, and snuggled with is now out of your life.  This is profound loss that will resonate in ever cell of your body.  No matter who initiated the breakup, there will be hurt and pain on both sides.  This hurt is natural, so feel free to cry or prioritize self-care.  Although it might feel like your world is shattering, the sun will eventually come out again. You probably are feeling an array of emotions…

  • Stop Falling for Jerks!
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    Stop Falling for Jerks!

    When you are in the dating game, it is hard to understand exactly who you are dating at first. After about three months into the relationship though, you will learn more about who the person is. They will become comfortable around you and they will show who they really are. Most people will hide who they really are when they first meet people or get into new relationships. We do this because when we are children, our parents and caregivers tell us that we need to act the best that we can and be on our best behavior. But, after a few months, our life personality and traits will start…

  • True Love is Accepting
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    True Love is Accepting

    Love should be exciting; it should be full, and it should be fun. Love should be full and not half love. You do not have to make love hard but when you feel that something about your relationship is not right, let it go. Even if you love someone and you want to be with them and you want them to be in your life, you have to learn to say goodbye when they are not good for you. If he cannot accept you for who you are, if he has no respect for you or if he chooses not to communicate with you then chances are that you are…

  • Does He Need Space? Don’t Take It Personally
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    Does He Need Space? Don’t Take It Personally

    Of course you’re in love with your partner. But spending time away from him is necessary for a healthy relationship. It’s also normal to desire some time apart from your partner. Ariana Grande may have put it best when she sang, “I’m just sayin’, baby, I can’t really miss you if I’m with you.” In romantic relationships, two competing needs are in a constant state of tension. People need to be individuals, but they also need to be in relationships and have connections with other people. In other words, we need to be ourselves, but we also need to belong. These opposing needs feed off of and nourish each other.…

  • Undefined Relationships
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    Undefined Relationships

    Are you in a confusing relationship such as a friendship with benefits or a relationship where you hang out, but it seems to be going nowhere?  Being in a relationship can be confusing and if you have a relationship that is not defined, it can cause you to be confused and wonder what is going on in your life. If you have tried to define your relationship and never can get the conversation to ever work out, chances are you are trying to figure out what your own feelings are and decide if you should play it cool or if you should walk away. You hope deep inside that you…

  • Making Long-Distance Relationships Work
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    Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

    Most people have a hard time believing that long-distance relationships will work out. Even people will discourage these kinds of relationships because they are worried that your heart might be broken. Nobody feels that doing a long-distance relationship will be easy and being that far apart from each other can make things harder and it is almost guaranteed that there will be times that you are lonely. But, on the other side, the distance between you can be the best thing when you are together, eating dinner together, going for a walk or just holding each other. These small things can mean more to you than they could if the…

  • 6 Reasons Why a Long-Distance Relationship is Good
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    6 Reasons Why a Long-Distance Relationship is Good

    Absence can make the heart grow fonder but often doesn’t in many cases. Distance tends to allow people to forget commitments and they can drift out of a relationship as well as into another. However, some couples find that being apart works for them and strengthens their love. A long-distant relationship isn’t what it used to be. As many of 75 percent of engaged couples state their relationship was one of long-distance at times. Today, there are many ways to communicate more intimately such as Skype, Zoom, gchat, Facetime, and text, so you don’t have to feel so alone in your world. There are six ways a long-distance relationship can…

  • Why People Sabotage Love
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    Why People Sabotage Love

    Relationships will fail when people are and aren’t married and relationships do not always last. People want to have love, but they are fearful of both not finding love and having a love that ends. One of the reasons that love fails so often is because we often sabotage our love because we are afraid of what love will bring us or being let down. There are some reasons why we sabotage love and many times it is something that we do not realize we are doing. Maybe you have something in your life that causes you to be a distancer or maybe you have been abandoned in your emotions…