Fallen Out of Interest With the Person You Love
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How to Know You’ve Fallen Out of Interest With the Person You Love

Everything was exciting when you first met. You had a good honeymoon period but now things have grown stale. You still love the other person, but being with them doesn’t have the luster it used to have. It just isn’t as much fun anymore.

You’ve lost interest in being with them but still love them deeply. This may be an odd place to be but happens.

There are some signs to show you if this is the path you are on:

  1. They Aren’t Missed

You used to long to be with them when they weren’t around. Now, you don’t mind it when they are gone. In some ways, you are relieved.

  1. You Don’t Remember Conversations

People who are invested in a relationship pay attention to conversations, especially important ones like anniversary dates and plans, birthday dinners, and the like. This shows that you are emotionally aren’t there.

  1. The Attraction Isn’t There

You see this person as more of a deep kindred spirit or a friend rather than a lover. This is a sign you no longer have an attraction to them or interest in them beyond the platonic.

  1. They Don’t Excite You

Being around you used to give you butterflies. Now, it is a bit of a blah. Your body automatically reacts when you are “in love.” A lack of reaction speaks volumes to your true feelings.

  1. You Don’t Communicate

You forget to return a phone call. You don’t immediately answer when they call because you have other things to do. You don’t text them back right away. These are all signals that you have checked out of the relationship.

  1. You Quit Arguing

While not wanting to argue is a good thing, there reaches a point when you just have no interest in defending your stance. That is another sign you have checked out of the relationship because you just don’t care anymore.

  1. Hanging Out Isn’t Fun

Going to the grocery store or getting ice cream with your partner is more of a chore than fun. You just don’t enjoy being around them anymore.

  1. Being Around Them Makes You Feel Lonely

It is a horrible feeling to feel alone even when you are with someone you love, but this points to a lack of emotional connection.

  1. You Don’t Share Things

This indicates you no longer want to share your daily life with the person you are spending it with. This causes more emotional separation.

  1. You Schedule a Lot of Things

Filling up your life with things to do is a subconscious attempt to create a life without your partner. It shows you really have no interest in including them in your life.

  1. They Make All the Plans

If your partner is making all the plans for the two of you to spend time together and you aren’t contributing to creating those plans, it’s a sign you no longer care.

  1. You Have Secret Chats

Secret chats are the pathway to an affair and are a sure sign you no longer have a romantic interest in your partner.

  1. You Compare

One of the problems of people in this situation is they compare their relationships to those of their friends and family members. This is not a good sign because every relationship is different and not every couple is as they appear to be in public. Doing this shows you are unsatisfied in your relationship.

  1. You Don’t Plan for the Future

When you are in love, you plan for years down the road. Those who aren’t thinking about the future probably don’t have an emotional investment in the relationship.

  1. There Are No Laughs

A good relationship is full of laughter. If you are no longer laughing with your partner over daily things, there is a good possibility you no longer find the relationship fun.

Those who fall into this category have a couple of choices. You can move on, but that may not be the best option if you truly do love your partner. Those who want to stay with their partner have another choice. You can work on rebuilding the attraction you seem to have lost. There are ways to do that and consulting with a marriage counselor could help both of you work to attain that again.

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