Women Don’t Want Nice Guys
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Women Don’t Want Nice Guys!

Women often talk about wanting guys that are sensitive, mature, intimate, and emotionally available but as soon as the selfish, self-centered bad boy comes around they are completely drawn into them.

Women want a man that is caring and loving and passionate, but they also want men that will make their hearts race and their minds go wild.

Here are some reasons that woman don’t want nice guys!

  • They Think They’re Too Good

Women fall for bad guys and often pick men that will break their hearts because women believe that they are too good to let go and that they will be able to do better in their lives. Women also think that they deserve guys that act like this because they have been raised around toxic relationships and they see the mistreatment as a form of love and care.

Some women don’t realize that they are strong enough to be in a good relationship and when they meet a narcissist or someone that has a bad personality, they put effort into making things work. There are some women that have even formed a family with this person before the abuse starts and then they don’t know how to get away from them.

  • They Get Bored

People don’t always have an exciting personality. Some guys you might date will be so boring and have nothing to say. Women like men that are confident and those that are able to hold conversation and to assert themselves.

Even independent women want someone that is going to be confident and someone that isn’t going to be boring and passive all the time.

  • Women Love Excitement

Men that are considered the bad boys are often exciting and sometimes even dangerous. Some women love this. They will decide to date someone that isn’t always nice or kind and get with someone that is bad for them. Even though they know they will never get the love and care that they deserve, they go with that person anyways.

  • They Wanna Fix Them!

Guys don’t need a mother or someone to fix them. They already know what they want and who they are. Ladies that date bad boys will often find that they have complicated personalities that are full of ruckus and chaos. Women that date these kinds of guys often think that they can tame them and change them but most of the time, this isn’t true.

  • Nice Guys Are Too Needy

Women sometimes feel that guys that are nice are needy, and they are too easy to get. They are too easy to get, and they don’t even play the game. These are guys that women have a hard time dating because they want some kind of challenge in their lives.

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