Navigating Unrequited Love
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Navigating Unrequited Love

Love can be a contact sport.  Nothing can be so difficult to endure than when you love someone who is unable to love you back.  You can be so consumed by the idea of wooing them, that is can seem like a shock when you realize they don’t share your passionate feelings.  Perhaps they aren’t ready for love, or someone else is a better romantic fit for them.  It can be hard to begin to process how to heal when you are overanalyzing any conceivable reason things are working out in this way.

Don’t beat yourself up for being brave enough to voice your feelings and for falling for someone you can’t have.  Love doesn’t always happen logically.  You don’t have the power to change anyone’s mindset or actions, but your own.  This includes forcing someone to love you, just because you love them.  Honestly, would you want to be with someone because they felt they had to be with you?!

Go ahead and grieve, but be cautious not to take out your emotions on your crush.  They most likely don’t want to hurt you and are struggling with their own conflicting emotions.  Take peace in knowing that you are beginning to process and heal.  How you are navigating your feelings can help you see if you truly loved or just lusted after your crush.  Perhaps you were just enamored with the idea of loving this person.

You are only a human looking to give and receive love.  But only so much is within your control.  The rest is up to fate.  Don’t beat yourself up to the point you begin fearing love.  Remember this person is helping to open the door to you meeting the true love of your life.

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