Why Old Souls Have a Hard Time Finding Love
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Why Old Souls Have a Hard Time Finding Love

When you are an old soul or a free spirit, you have a different sense of love than other people do.  You might find that you are mature and that you find love to be different and real.

Sometimes, old souls are people that have a lot of pain in their past and this pain can make them be who they are today.  They have learned to grow up and to be emotionally mature.  They might think of long-term relationships differently than other people do.  They don’t want to deal with a lot of baggage, and they might carry baggage of their own.

It is not easy for a person with an old soul to find love.  They believe that things are different, and they don’t believe in modern day dating and romance.  They want to find someone that understands them and wants to have true love as well,

Regular Dating

An old soul wants to find someone to fall in love with, but they don’t believe that dating is meaningless and should be boring.  They hate drama and they want to find someone that they can love without online dating.

Something Real

An old soul wants to find someone that they are comfortable with and they seek a partner who wants something real.  They don’t have time trying to find out who you are, and they don’t want someone that is fake or dramatic.  They are looking for someone that will accept them for who they are and someone who is at peace with themselves.


Old souls attract people that are needy and someone that needs help.  When they want to be with someone romantically, they don’t look for people that need fixed.


It is hard for an old soul to find someone that shares their ideas and thoughts.  They look for truth and are looking for people that don’t want just material things.  They love values and believe that people shouldn’t be superficial.

Real Love

When you are compatible with someone, true love is different than just liking what someone has or is.  True love is having the same thoughts, interests and ideas and being open in their heart.  Even if it is hurtful to open up, an old soul is looking for someone that can be vulnerable to them.


Love has to be real and not empty.  It is important that love is not just words but that it is action.  Real love has to be experienced and shared and it has to be something someone is dedicated to.


An old soul doesn’t want a relationship based on infatuation.  They don’t want to settle for just anything and they don’t want someone that is lusting after them.  They are looking for strings to be attached and for a soulmate relationship.  They don’t want to waste their time on someone that does not want real love.

Free Spirit

When falling in love, the love unites us to our partner.  A free spirit is looking for someone that is willing to be one but also to be free.  They want to share their ideas and have experiences in life.


Sex is good and is something everyone loves, but an old soul wants more than sex.  They want to connect in their body and their soul.  They want to fall in love with what is inside before they even have sex.


Old souls tend to be intuitive and they are very sensitive.  They worry about relationships and they want each of their relationships to have a strong foundation.

Twin Flame

A twin flame is a destiny relationship and an old soul wants to have this type of relationship.  They want their partner to be pulled towards them and they want to find ways to meet each other.  This is a rare connection, and this is what the old soul is waiting for, their other half.


An old soul will come with baggage because of their past relationships.  They will have issues that they are still getting over.  Some of these issues will be from relationships that never were resolved.  This can be hard for an old souls’ partner.


An old soul always is afraid of losing their partner.  They want to be with someone but have such a fear of losing their love that sometimes they will push you away.  Sometimes, their fear will overpower their love, and this is unhealthy for most relationships.

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