Live In Relationship Before Marriage
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Live In Relationship Before Marriage

Everyone has different aspirations while they are growing up, some want to be in a certain career, while others want to be strong in their relationships.  Some people want to be famous and have a lot of friends and some want to be rich and own their own businesses.

Marriage is one of those things that people aspire towards.  People will come to a point where they want to settle down and make a marriage work, but not everyone wants to be married.

If you are in a situation where you can make a choice to commit to the person you love, this means that you will love them with their habits and the quirks that they have.  This means that you will be willing to love them through all of the things that they do wrong and the things they do right.

Even if you choose not to be married, you can still live with someone.  Some don’t agree with this lifestyle, but the same principle applies to living with someone as to being married.  This can be beneficial to some people and some people don’t like the idea.

If you have a relationship with someone and you don’t want to deal with the idea of getting married and you decide to live together, you will know if the person is right for marriage at a later time.

There are some reasons why living with someone can be a great experience:


When you get married, you are completely committed.  In a relationship that is a live-in relationship, you are still committed but you are able to do things on your own.  You will keep looking out for one another, but you will not have to stay if you are not happy.

Even though you will be splitting the finances and the chores, if you decide that when you live together that marriage will never work for you, you can move on without having to go through paperwork or a divorce.  You can walk out on them whenever you want to and move on without having to make things worse on everyone.


Another thing about living without being married is the finances.  You will depend on each other for help and support, but this doesn’t mean that your finances will be tied up forever.  When you live with someone, you will share the money and the support, but you will not be committed to give them your money if things do not work out.

You are not taking care of them; you are both taking care of each other and you are able to do this without compromising how the money is getting spent.


When you take time to live with someone in a serious relationship, you get the opportunity to see if you are really compatible with one another.  When you are just dating, you will not be able to tell how they are when they are not around you.  You never really know what kind of life that they live and you don’t know what they really like and don’t like.

When you are dating, people stay in their comfort zone and know how to act and then if you marry them, you will be surprised at how they really are. When you are living together, you know if you can adjust to who they are and know what to expect from them.  This way, you can choose to go your own separate ways if it doesn’t work out.


Besides the reasons above, other reasons to be in a live-in relationship is that you have more space.  If you want to have a family, you can do this with more space.  You don’t have to worry about living with someone not being accepted because society is always changing.

If you think you should live with someone before getting married, do it.  Ask your partner to try it out for a couple of months or a year and see how it goes.

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