Things that Won’t Change in a Relationship
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Things that Won’t Change in a Relationship

If you ask the question, “should I give up on him?” then chances are that you have feelings for him, but the bad news is that you still have feelings for him.

When you love someone, you probably love hard.  The problem is that some people aren’t meant to be with us, and we can love people that aren’t good for us.  People like this make us feel unloved and unhappy.

No man is going to be perfect but there has to come to a point where there are better days than bad days.  There has to be sacrifice but there also needs to be sacrifice from him.  Each relationship goes through ups and downs and sometimes they are hard to climb out of.  You have to ask yourself if you should stay or if you are wasting your time with them.


If you are always wanting him to change, chances are things aren’t good for you.  When you are doing what you should do but you are unhappy, the only person that can change is you.  If he doesn’t want to help you make the relationship good, then move on.


Some of the hardest things to face is that you have someone in your life that doesn’t love you the way you need to be loved.  If you put your time in someone then it will seem selfish to want more than what they are giving you, but the truth is that you should not regret being in a relationship.  If you spend time regretting it, you need to find happiness elsewhere.

Gut Feeling

If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, listen.  Even if you hate to hear it, your gut knows and so does your heart.

If your soul tells you something isn’t right, listen.


If you have to beg for attention from him then you should find someone else that loves, you and wants to be with you.  Find someone that respects you and if he ignores you and doesn’t give you attention, find someone new.

Don’t go through life with someone that doesn’t love you as much as you love them.


If you have different thoughts and goals than your partner, you might find out that you are not meant to be together.  If you want kids and he doesn’t, this can be a game changer.  Know what you all want before you decide to be together.

It isn’t fair to give up on your goals or to make him do the same.  If your goals don’t work together, find a new partner.


If you find that you are always fighting about the same issue, move on or move out.  Don’t be in a relationship where there is no peace.

If you tried to meet him part way and he won’t budge, move on.


If he refuses to communicate when there is a problem, this is not a good thing.  If he is always irritated at you and you aren’t in a peaceful union, move on.  Don’t chase them and don’t be with someone that is not going to reason with you.


When you are with someone and feel lonely, chances are that you are.  Move on and tell yourself that you would be better alone.  What is making you be with someone that doesn’t want to be with you?

Getting Better

No matter what you do things never seem to get better or get solved.  If this is the problem, find a new partner.  Don’t let him keep hurting you and if he doesn’t care enough to sit down and talk about it, he doesn’t care about you.


If he wants to have a life of his own that isn’t about both of you, that probably won’t change.  Keeping a separate life and having secrets is unhealthy and will make you unhappy.

If you feel he is keeping things from you, this probably won’t change.


People are sometimes selfish and immature.  If you have been waiting for him to change for a long time, this probably has nothing to do with maturity but a guy that is selfish.  You can’t be with someone that is selfish and only cares about himself.

Giving Up

Stop sacrificing what you want for someone else.  If you have to keep changing what you want to make him happy, you need to find a new relationship.


If you are fearful to tell him something, leave him.  No one should make you afraid or feel fearful in a relationship.  If he physically abuses you, move on and find a new relationship.

Being Alone

Sometimes, you might worry about being alone.  Maybe you are afraid you will never find someone else to date.  This is not true. Someday, you will find the perfect person that will come along and sweep you off your feet.


If you are with someone and they don’t’ care about how you feel, leave.  This will not change.  Don’t be miserable with someone or with someone that doesn’t care about what you are feeling.  Stop begging him to listen to you.


A person that is a narcissist only cares about themselves.  If you are with this person, don’t be bothered when it is time to leave.  Even if he tries to guilt you, he doesn’t mean it.  Leave while you still have some self-esteem left.

Narcissists don’t change because they can’t.  They don’t care about other feelings, just their own.


If you have personalities that clash, chances are you won’t have any peace.  You will need to be with someone that understands you.  You will have a hard time finding a middle ground with this person.


If he is majorly connected with his family and he keeps running back to them every time there is a problem, he probably won’t talk to you about his problems.  He will go and call his family and most likely, they will talk about you.  You can never win him over and he will always choose them first.


When you decide to leave someone you love, this is a hard spot to be in.  It will cause you pain and heartache, but you have to decide that you are worth it.  You need to be with someone that treats you with respect and loves you.  Trying to change someone to love you will not work.

It isn’t like you are giving up on him as much as you are giving him what is best for him.  Giving up on him means that you won’t try but when you try and things won’t change, move on.

Things will be painful, but you will heal.  Things will be normal for you again and you will find love.

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