You shouldn’t be jealous of other couples
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You shouldn’t be jealous of other couples. Here are 7 reasons why

You are always anxious to know how couples get along when you see them. You keep wondering how their sex life is, how they behave when they are in the house and whether they love themselves so much. The same part of you that is always anxious is the same that can’t wait to know how your relationship relates to theirs.

Cooper Lawrence, a host of a US-based relationship radio program says that “comparing yourself to other couples or using them as a benchmark is quite human.”

“There are lessons you can learn from how they conduct their relationship. However, problems may arise when you decide to make the wrong assumptions. How you make decisions will largely be affected by this.”

That’s the reason why comprehending what goes behind other individuals’ closed doors is very important.  You’ll be more knowledgeable through this and it will give you a better view of your love life and recognize its value.

Below are things you need to be aware of quite a number of couples:

  1. They are frequently living to fulfill your expectations

There are couples who are so crazy in love in every social place. Most definitely you’ve let them know how awesome they are, well, not unless you envy them.

Robert Philips a psychologist says that “the couples might try really hard to please you because they don’t want to disappoint you.” this is known as social-motivation in that; our behaviors are influenced by how other individuals perceive us.

You need to be aware that the perfect couple you keep admiring is pretty ordinary when alone. Being close is not part of their everyday life. When with you they seem happy but they also have some relationship struggles just like others. Therefore, don’t believe them so much.

  1. Those two people you think love themselves definitely are hiding something

According to experts, the more couples show that they love each in public the less they are happy in real life. They can be so touchy until you feel like they are the perfect couple, know that this can deceive you.

Linda Olson says that “being touchy in public is as a result of lack of intimacy back at home.”

Never think that those who don’t display their affection in public have problems, they are just trying to keep their intimate moments private. The fact that they are not so touchy in public means that they know there are things that are meant to be private.

  1. Her dude is aware of your secrets

This means that that’s the only way she can get along with her boyfriend, by bringing you into the picture. She contemplates that by telling her guy more about you, the more he will feel that he knows her friends. If you think there is a problem with that you can talk to your friend and inform her that you don’t like her sharing your stories with her boyfriend as that makes you feel bad.

  1. All relationships have flip sides

Each and every relationship has its own ups and downs. Don’t be jealous of the fact that maybe your friend’s engagement ring is big and beautiful as all these things always come at a cost. There are sacrifices that your friend’s beau might be making every day.

You don’t need to discriminate anything as relationships are different, what works for you, may not work for the other person, therefore, keep your feelings to yourself. There is definitely something that’s keeping them together.

  1. She excludes her sexcapades

Do not worry when your friends share their sex life and wonder whether yours has a problem. This is because they only share the crazy part of it since it’s very rare for that to occur. It’s not worth sharing if it occurs quite often. People also like exaggerating things. Maybe the sex was good but not like she’s trying to put it across.

If you feel bad about this you should take this as a challenge and up your game. You’ll, therefore, be the one bragging about your sex life.

  1. Quarrelsome couples are definitely close

It might suck spending a night with a quarrelsome couple and you may end up feeling sorry for them. But what you don’t know is that these pair is probably okay. That means they care about each other emotionally and that’s the only way they can air their problems than being silent. Nothing’s wrong with having disagreements as long as you become okay later. Arguing is healthy for a relationship to progress.

  1. Every person is doubtful at times

We are always doubtful of our relationships, therefore, someone telling you that they never question their relationship is a liar.

Experts believe that the best relationships are perfect with their imperfections therefore, do ways with those reservations that you occasionally have. Every relationship has ups and downs and it’s those ups and downs that make the relationship stronger.

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