How to Find Closure in Life
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How to Find Closure in Life

If you are looking for closure, here are some things that you could tell the person that hurt you in your life:


You could tell them that the deceived you and that they made you believe there was a future with them.


You are better off without them in your life.


You lied to me about everything and that is on you.


How many people did you treat the way that you treated me? How did you live with yourself?

Good Guy and Bad Guy

You had good in you, but you let the bad guy take over.


You are a complete narcissist.

Falling for You

I am mad at myself for falling for your lies. I should have seen this from the beginning.

Future Love

I will never let my future love be messed up by the way you treated me.

Finding the Right Person

I will work harder to find the right person because you were such the wrong person.


I deserve to be with someone that loves and cares for me.


I will find love in my life and he will be the perfect person for me.

Good Guys

I will give people that are good a better chance. You were someone that wasn’t good, and I don’t want more drama.


I will remember this lesson when I meet the right person in my life.

Toxic Love

Our relationship was toxic, and your love consumed me.


I love my friends and I am thankful they were there for me when you treated me so badly. They helped me to heal.

Lose Myself

I lost myself with you and I never will lose myself with another person again.


I dream of a good future with someone and I will have that. You will never be in the picture again.

Don’t Talk to Me

Even if you see me out, don’t talk to me.


I feel sorry for the next person that you call your girlfriend.


Remember when you were rude to me when I would talk to you? You never approved of me and I don’t approve of you.


We are women and we do and eat what we want. I don’t care if you think I was fat.

Taking My Hand

Remember when you wouldn’t hold my hand? I found someone that respects me and loves me.

Drop Everything

Remember when I would drop everything just to be with you, but you always cancelled our plans? I will always hate you for that.


You disrespected me in all different kinds of ways. I loved you always. Now I know that you were wrong, and you will never find someone as good as me to love you.


You have ugly taste in shoes and in clothes.

What Was I Thinking?

What was I thinking being with you? You have never been good to me. I am much better in my life without you. Thanks for nothing and thanks for showing me exactly what I don’t want in my life.

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