Leave a Relationship that Isn’t Working
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Leave a Relationship that Isn’t Working

One of the hardest things that you can do and one of the hardest conversations that you can have is when you have to end a relationship.  This conversation is harder than any job interview, talk with your children or your parents or telling someone that you aren’t going to be there for their special day.  There is no way to have this conversation to be peaceful but there are ways that you can have this conversation without it being worse.  When you want to leave the relationship, remember to be as kind as you can.


Ghosting is a term where someone just stops talking to you and basically disappears out of the world.  Ghosting is wrong and it is no way to end a relationship.  This is the way that a coward would end a relationship and you are no coward.  You should break up with a person face to face if the relationship is ending and take responsibility that the relationship was not working out.

No matter how bitter you are, you owe the person that you have been dating an explanation and an ending.  Even if you have only dated a short time, you cannot expect them to be okay with you not calling them or texting them.  This can be confusing and will make them hurt more and be angry at you.  Have courage and do the break-up right.


Honesty is the best policy.  Tell your partner why you want to break up and why you were unhappy.  Don’t attack them and be kind, but always be honest.  The feedback that you give them will allow them to know what they need to change for next time.


Always be kind and never be cruel when you are breaking up with someone.  You don’t have to name everything that they have ever done wrong.  You are not trying to have excuses as to why you are breaking up, you don’t have to.  Just let them know why you are unhappy.


You don’t have to go in with a 10-page speech.  Just keep things real and simple.  Tell them what you are feeling and why you feel that it is best to break up.  It’s okay to say that you are just not attracted to them or that you want to date other people.  Just be simple and get it over with.


Make sure that they understand what you are saying.  Be clear and let them have emotions during the break-up conversation.  If they cry, don’t make this hold you in the relationship.  Be easy and calm and try to get them to agree that it is not working out.  Even if they feel differently and want to work things out, you don’t have to.  Just let them know how you feel and that you do not want to be with them anymore.  Do not give them false hope or make them feel that you are going to come back later.  Doing this can cause them to be bitter and to have hurt feelings later down the road.


Ending a relationship is not easy but it can be done.  Make sure that you are honest about your feeling and that you are ready to move on to something else.  Remember that you need to be kind and remember how you would feel if someone was breaking up with you.

Always be honest and calm but remain firm in what you are feeling.

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