He Doesn’t Love You Anymore
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How to Know if He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Are you in a relationship where you realize that things aren’t as good as they used to be? Do you feel that someone you are with doesn’t love you anymore and no matter what you are doing, things never seem to be right?

Maybe you have been trying to talk to him and he is avoiding you or he is acting withdrawn from you or he doesn’t text you back when you text him or he just says, “k.”

Do you feel that you have a man that is pushing away from you? Maybe you have noticed that he has changed, and you aren’t sure why?

Do you want to know if he still loves you or not? Even though the answer that you get might be hard for you to face, at least you will know if the relationship is worth working on or not.

Signs He No Longer Loves You

One of the biggest signs that he is no longer in love with you is that he doesn’t try to communicate with you. When you try to talk to him, he doesn’t want to talk, or he will not be interested in being around you.

Even his nonverbal communication makes it feel like he no longer wants you around. When you see that this is happening over and over again, chances are that he has changed his feelings for you.


You guys used to be together a lot and you loved spending time together but now even when you just talk to him, he seems to be aggravated by you. He seems to want to hang out with everyone but you.

If you notice that you feel weird when you even sit in the same room, this is probably a sign that he wants out.

Some people will avoid their partner when they are ready to leave and ready to move on. This can be a big sign he doesn’t love you anymore.


Being with a partner means that you should be open with each other and there shouldn’t be secrets. If he has changed his password on the phone and you never know where he is, he is giving you a big sign that the relationship is over.

When someone loves you, they won’t hide things form you and you should be able to ask him where he is or where he is going without him being angry or annoyed at you.

Anger for No Reason

The man might be someone that you always saw as patient and kind and out of nowhere he gets angry all the time. He might even yell at you or throw things.

It seems like he is no longer able to tolerate you and you seem to make him angry even when you don’t do anything.

No Attention

A big sign that the relationship is over is that he doesn’t want to be around you or be part of your life. When you ask him to do things with you, he tells you he is busy, and he doesn’t want to give you any attention.

Maybe he no longer asks you how you are or cares about your day. He puts other things over you, and he doesn’t show that he has any feelings for you.

If he is being quiet a lot and you make him angry for talking to him, this might mean it is time to move on.

Special Occasions

A man that loves you will most likely never forget special occasions. He will remember things like your anniversary and birthday. If your guy is no longer remembering these things, he is probably no longer thinking about you or caring about you.

Loving Talk

Even though not all men are able to be romantic, most men are able to say words that make you feel good. If your partner is no longer saying loving things to you, this can mean that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

Caring About Your Feelings

No matter how hard your partners day has been, he should care about what you are feeling. If you have had a bad day and he doesn’t care if you feel better or not, he might not love you anymore.

A man that is falling out of love will not have interest in what you are feeling. Even though they know what is going on, they don’t ask because they don’t care.

Out in Public

When a man doesn’t want to be seen with you in public or with his friends anymore, he no longer loves you. When he only wants to see you in private, you need to look at these signs.

A guy that loves you will cherish you and will want to be around you. He will want to show you off and take care of you.

Decision Making

Chances are when you first got together that you made most of your decisions together. Now if he is making all of the decisions and is not asking you to help him, he is probably moving on without you.

This connection is no longer together, and this is a bad sign for you.

Hurtful or Rude

He used to be kind but now it seems like everything he says is rude or hurtful. If this happens, he is hurting you on purpose because he is ready to leave the relationship.

Comparing You

If your guy is pointing out every flaw that you have, this means he is comparing you with other women. This can mean that he is no longer interested in you.

A guy that loves you will accept your imperfections and love you anyways.

Wants to Disagree

When your guy is always trying to disagree with you or start a fight with you, this can mean he is not wanting to be with you anymore. He might always try to say things to blame you for how things are going wrong, or he might blow things out of proportion.

Not Saying Sorry

When you first start dating someone, they will apologize for things that they do to you that upset you. If he no longer admits when he does things wrong, he might want out of the relationship.

Just because you do something doesn’t mean he should want to fight with you and if this is happening, he is no longer caring about your feelings.

Wanting a Break

Everyone needs their own space but if your guy asks you for a break, it might mean he is ready to end the relationship and be on his own. If you want to give him a break, know that this might be the end, but you should never try to force him to be with you if he doesn’t want to be.


There are different signs that can help you to determine if someone wants to be with you or not. Look for the signs and if he needs a break, give it to him.

Talk to your partner and have good communication and see if you are misunderstanding things or if things are as bad as you think they are.

When your man gets mad for no reason and always tries to fight with you or he forgets special occasions, this can be a sign he wants to move on. He should be sharing the decision making with you and not comparing you with other women or pointing out your flaws.

You should be able to tell if he loves you or not and if you find that he no longer seems to love you, let him go.

Look for Red Flags

The signs above are big signs that your relationship might be in trouble. These behaviors can be because of stress so you need to make sure that you know what his intentions and feelings are before you jump to conclusions.

The signs can be hard, but you need to look at them and be patient and see what is happening with the relationship. See if your guy is being serious in the relationship or if you feel that he is ready to break up with you.

Pay attention to what the relationship has in store for you and see if he is happy because you want to have both you and him to be happy in the relationship.

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