Making Long-Distance Relationships Work
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Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Most people have a hard time believing that long-distance relationships will work out. Even people will discourage these kinds of relationships because they are worried that your heart might be broken.

Nobody feels that doing a long-distance relationship will be easy and being that far apart from each other can make things harder and it is almost guaranteed that there will be times that you are lonely.

But, on the other side, the distance between you can be the best thing when you are together, eating dinner together, going for a walk or just holding each other. These small things can mean more to you than they could if the person lived closer to you.

Long distance relationships might be hard, but they can also be good.

Here are some ideas on how to make a long-distance relationship work for you:


Try your best not to be overly stuck with the person. You do not have to talk to them each day and even more so, you do not have to talk for the majority of the day. Some couples believe that they have to talk for hours and hours a day because they live far away from each other and this is not true. Doing this can make things worse for you and you might get bored with them or them with you.

Less talk is better and if you are always trying to keep up the conversation day in and day out chances are you are going to tire yourself out. Talk to them when the time is right.


When you are in a long-distance relationship, it helps you to learn how to be apart from someone that you love. This is a test that most relationships have to go through at one time or another and if you are already used to the distance, it will only make you stronger.


Both people in a long-term relationship should have ground rules so that no one will be surprised by what the others do. Make sure you talk about dating other people or what kind of commitment that you want.

Communicate with Creativity

Talk to each other with good morning and good night texts and update your partner on things in your life. Send pictures or videos and put effort into making them feel like you love them.

Talking Dirty

Living far from each other means that you will not have the chance to have sex like you might want to. In order to keep them from drifting from you, send pictures of texts that are sexual and sexy.


If you are going out drinking and you know it will upset your partner, you have to choose not to do it or to tell them before you do it.

Do not forget their feelings because they are not close to you and by doing this you are making them be suspicious of the things you are doing.

It could be easy for you to fall into this trap and you have to be careful who you hang out with. Recognize dangers before you do things.

Doing Things Together

Playing a game online together or watching a movie at the same time can help you feel like you are together. Go outside and call each other or go online shopping together and buy each other something special.

Learn to be creative and to get your mind moving while keeping your partner happy.

Same Things

Read the same book or get into the same television serious. When you read the same book, talk about what you have read.

Share your experiences even if you are far from each other.


Visit each other as much as you can. When you do this, you can kiss, hold hands and do things that other couples can, and this can be extra special for you and your partner.

This can be like fireworks going off inside of you.


What kind of goal do you have with this relationship? How long will you be apart and what does the future hold? These are the types of questions that you should ask yourself when you get into a long-term commitment.

No couple can be in a long-distance relationship forever and there will be a time where you either have to settle down together or end the relationship.

Make sure you are on the same page with your partner and that you both know what kind of goals the other person has.

Alone Time

While you are apart from your partner, do not get lonely. Learn to do things like hang out with your friends or spend more time with your family. Take time to better yourself, join the gym or get a hobby. There are things you can do when you are not seeing your partner every day.


Never forget to be honest. Being dishonest will just cause your partner to be insecure and will cause your partner not to trust you. Do not try to deal with things on your own but be honest with each other. Help your partner and let them help you and support you.


Know the schedule of the person you are with and know when they are free, so you know when to call or text them. Do not disrupt your partner when they are in a meeting or when they are in class. Make sure that you know what they are doing that is important so you can give them time to get it done before you talk to them.

Social Media

Look at the pictures that your partner shares on Facebook. Tweet each other and show each other that you care without being creepy.

Give a small gift to your partner such as a keychain with your picture on it. Do this so that they can have you part of their everyday life. Having a physical thing to remind us of our partner can help us to stay in love.

Messaging App

Make sure you have an app that is easy to get text messages. When you need to talk to your partner, you need to make sure that you can talk beyond emoticons and words.

Find messaging apps that can make things fun like stickers and other things that are cute for you and your partner to do together.

Mail Letters

Mail each other a letter or a post card or flowers on special occasions. Shop online and send things like underwear or tee shirts they would love.


When you are away from someone you need to remember that long-distance relationships can be hard but that you can keep the spark alive. Do not let yourself get lonely and remember that you need to be positive.

Be thankful that you have someone that you love and that they love you back. Be thankful for small gifts such as a hand-written note or a gift.

Update Them

Update your partner on your life and the life of those that he or she knows.

Video Call

Whenever you can do a video call, do it. This is a way that you can look into each other’s eyes and see the other person that you love.

Pet Names

Give your partner a pet name so that it can make you feel cute and special.

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