How to know it’s now time to leave your partner
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How to know it’s now time to leave your partner

Although breaking up with your partner is not easy, the time you spend silently agonizing whether you should pull out can be the worst.

Discovering that you don’t love someone anymore should be the easiest thing ever, but why is it so hard to know?

It’s normal to be confused about a breakup since you can’t figure out if the problem is the relationship or you.

Below are how to distinguish all these based on your biggest complaint:

  1. You contemplate about being intimate with other individuals

Sex fantasies do not end with sex. You cannot find your partner the only person attractive and that’s normal. Everyone encounters thoughts about other people even in the happiest relationships. However, if you find yourself fantasizing about having sex with anyone who is not your partner, then you are not into the relationship anymore.

  1. You feel like your partner is becoming too clingy

They don’t want you to see your friends or hang with them. That is a sign of excessive clinginess. Nevertheless, it’s not right for a partner to control your schedule even if they love you. You have the freedom of living your own life and nobody should interfere with it. If someone does that then he or she is not the right person to date.

  1. You feel like you are not compatible

One individual is into something more than the other. Feelings in a relationship can see-saw a little bit, that’s normal. However, if you feel like your partner loves you so much but you don’t feel anything then that relationship might have been doomed from the beginning. It’s quite unfortunate that you can’t force someone who doesn’t want to be with you to date you.  If the timing is off, then that’s not the right persona and it is the most difficult relationship lessons anyone has to learn.

  1. You feel bored with the relationship

Despite the good things you do together, you just feel unsatisfied. You will need to move on if you find yourselves disengaging even during road trips or when doing fun activities. Mostly if you always imagine how your life would be without your partner.

  1. You are always angry when around your partner

Your partner makes you angry every time.  If his presence just irritates you every day even on good days, know that something is not right.

  1. You don’t have the urge of being intimate

There’s no time you will want to get intimate. If the thought of having sex with your partner repulse you then it’s a bad sign. Something is wrong if you can no longer even think about any pleasure of sexual satisfaction with your partner.

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