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Ten Reasons He’s Ghosting You After Sex

Ghosting After SexYou slept with him. Now he’s ghosting you. It hurts! But instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you need to figure out why you’re being ignored after sex.

It feels bad when you get ignored after sex. Your self-esteem and ego are totally crushed, and you just can’t figure out why he’d do that to you. You weren’t necessarily expecting him to propose marriage, but at least he could have come right out and told you he’s not interested anymore. It stings to hear that, but at least you’d have closure. But alas, he didn’t even do that.

So, why are you being ignored after sex? I don’t know him personally, so his reason might be totally different. But there are some common reasons women get ignored after sex.

People avoid relationships because they can often be “complicated.” And it doesn’t matter if it’s a long-term relationship or just a fling. The moment you introduce sex to the situation, everything changes.

So you met a guy, you connected with him, you slept with him. Suddenly, he’s nowhere to be found. What’s up? On top of all that, you can’t stop obsessing over what you may have done to make him ignore you after sex. It’s time to find the truth.“”

Why Is He Ignoring You?

  1. Ghosting After SexHe was only in it for the sex. This can be completely cool, if you talked about it prior to sex. That way, you knew all along that sex was all he wanted. Being ghosted isn’t pleasant, but at least you figured it out. If you didn’t ask him what he was looking for before having sex with him, you set yourself up to be vulnerable to this behavior. What was he looking for? Casual sex? A relationship? Just a friend? …with benefits? What?
  2. You’re not certain about what you want. Most people can see when somebody else doesn’t know what it is that they want. Maybe he slept with you but then realized you’re seeking something more casual or more serious than he’s looking for. But because you didn’t discuss your needs, he may be assuming that you’re not on the same page, so now instead of talking to you, he’s ignoring you.
  3. He didn’t want a serious relationship. If he’s ignoring you after sex, it’s likely you slept together without committing to each other. Nobody’s judging! Most of us have slept with someone before discussing what we really wanted out of the relationship. Generally, men can have sex without involving their emotions. But women biologically tend to experience sex with deep emotional components.
  4. It wasn’t “it.” Sexual experiences differ widely from person to person. Even if you’ve had amazing sex with someone, the next person may leave you saying, “meh.” Nobody’s built to have amazing sex with every other person that they encounter. All people have different bodies. Each penis and vagina is different, and they won’t all fit together in an ideal way.
  5. He’s freaking out. The sex may have been amazing for both of you. You blew each other’s minds But sex can be strange. Sure, you both enjoyed an amazing experience. But now he’s freaked out. He’s thinking about the future and what he has to do, which has left him freaking out. So he’s ignoring you. Put another way, he’s afraid of committing. Does that mean he needs to ignore you? Of course not. It just shows that he’s not mature.
  6. You’ve gotten attached. It may sound stupid, because how can a couple not get emotionally attached to each other after great sex? For most guys, they just wanted sex, which is fine. But that’s not how sex works for women. After sex, you texted him or asked him to hang out together. He took that as a warning sign that you’re becoming attached. So, he decided to run away.
  7. He already has a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend. Either way, he’s already taken. Yeah, it may be a dick move, but to him, you were just somebody to have a good time with. He did, so now he’s going back to his normal life. He never had any intention of continuing the relationship. He got what he wanted, so he doesn’t need you anymore.
  8. He’s waiting for you to play his game. Maybe you texted him once after sex, but when you saw he wasn’t replying, or was only replying when he felt like it. Put another way, he wrapped you around his finger to use you for sex whenever he wants. But you’re not falling into his trap, and you’re not contacting him anymore. So you’re not exactly being ignored. He’s just waiting for you to come back to him.
  9. He doesn’t “like you” like you. This sounds harsh. He just wanted the sex. He doesn’t really care about you or who you really are. He simply had one thing on his mind—to get laid. You may have been taking things more seriously, but he’s not “ignoring” you, per se. He simply doesn’t care.
  10. You’re too clingy. This can’t be said nicely. Those 20 texts you sent him the morning after? Well… he didn’t think they were sweet or cute. If anything, he categorized you as a five-star clinger. So now he’s doing whatever he can to ditch you. You came on too strong for him. He feels suffocated. Instead of telling you, he’s ignoring you, because that’s easier for him.

Now that you know why he’s ignoring you after sex, there’s no point in wasting time developing your own theories and freaking out over them.

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