Dating as a Single Parent
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Dating as a Single Parent

Dating a single parent isn’t going to work for everyone and its something that you should really think about before you choose to get into this kind of relationship.

You need to make sure that you have good chemistry with this person and that you are willing to allow kids in your life, which will always take place over other parts of the relationship. Remember, if the kids get sick or if something comes up, even if you have plans, they will be cancelled.

You will have to understand that kids can be a little wild and that it can be challenging when you date someone that has children. Even though there are challenges, this can be very rewarding. If this is something you are interested in, make sure that you understand what you are doing before you start dating that single parent.

It can be hard to know if dating a single parent is what you really want but you need to make sure that you are prepared from the beginning so that you can know if it is right for you.


No one is ever happy to share their partner with other people and if you are someone that is jealous then you will see that dating a single parent might not be right for you. Chances are you will be jealous of the kids and this will not get you anywhere but kicked to the curb.

There are many issues with dating a single parent and if you are one that gets jealous, it can put the parent in the middle of the situation and can cause there to be tension.

Handling It

If you are one that is jealous easy and you are starting to feel jealous, know that you need to face this emotion and think it through. Find out if this is something that you need to talk about and be true with your partner about how you feel.


Being spontaneous can work in many relationships but if you are dating someone with children then know that it is harder for a single parent to just go and do something at the spur of the moment.

Being a single parent can be tricky and if you are one that wants to run out and do something without making plans, this is often hard for a single parent and they will put their kids first.

If this is something that you want, dating a single parent is probably not good for you.

Parenting Ideas

When you begin to date a single parent, you will see that the parent will parent their children however he or she sees fit. It is important that you learn to keep your tongue in check and make sure that you do not try to become the parent or tell the parent how to handle things with their children.

This is something that can be offensive and you need to make sure that you understand that the parent is experienced and they do not need someone to come in and to give them parenting advice, especially on sensitive things such as discipline or other things. You can be helpful and compassionate but just be who your partner needs you to be.

Never give your opinion too early unless it is to praise your partner for their parenting skills. Couples that date where stepchildren are involved often need to wait for a while before a co-parent comes into play.


Being a single parent means that he or she will want to introduce you to the kids at their own time. This can be a few months into dating or even longer. The emotional wellbeing of the children is the most important to the parent and introducing the children to someone before the relationship is strong enough can be hurtful to the children.

New couples will often fight over affection that is shown in front of the kids. Make sure that you discuss the boundaries that you want to have so that you can know what your partner wants when the children are around. Discuss holding hands or kissing in front of the children.

If this kind of thing upsets you, chances are you should not date a single parent. Be respectful to the parent and this can help the relationship be stronger.

Don’t Like Children

This should be something that should be understood immediately. If you don’t like children, chances are that you should not date someone that is a single parent. Doing this can cause the children to have issues with you and will cause fights between you and your partner.

Dating a single parent has a lot of issues and you need to make sure that it is what you want and that you are ready for this kind of commitment. Make sure that you want to have children around and that you are willing to invest your time in them in the future.


You will know if you are meant to date a single parent and make sure that you are ready to take on this responsibility before making a real decision. If this is your first time dating someone with children, make sure you are ready to have the kids around and to love them as much as you love your partner or yourself.

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