True Love is Accepting
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True Love is Accepting

Love should be exciting; it should be full, and it should be fun. Love should be full and not half love. You do not have to make love hard but when you feel that something about your relationship is not right, let it go.

Even if you love someone and you want to be with them and you want them to be in your life, you have to learn to say goodbye when they are not good for you.

If he cannot accept you for who you are, if he has no respect for you or if he chooses not to communicate with you then chances are that you are not meant to be together.

You will never be someone who you are not. You might get stronger and you will get older, but you have to be with someone that can understand who you are and what you are about.

You should refuse to listen to someone that is constantly trying to change you. You are good enough for who you are. Do not let other people push you to be someone else.

You are not meant to be with someone that makes you beg for their attention or tries to make you be someone that you are not.

Women feel that they have to be someone different or they have to act a certain way or else they are not going to please their partner.

Love is not supposed to be that way. Love should be something that allows second chances, something where you want to be better just for yourself.

When you are trying to be a better person for someone else then you will never find real love and you will have your heart broken over and over.

Stop trying to change or get skinnier for someone else. Stop going to school or sacrificing things you want to do because your partner does not approve of it. If you are in this situation, this is not love.


Love should make you feel vulnerable. You should be with someone that you can talk to and you should not be afraid to say what you are thinking.

Real love will make you feel strong and will not make you jealous. It will get rid of your insecurity and make you feel like you are loved and accepted.

Real love is based on respect and you need to learn to love yourself before you have others love you. True love will let you feel love without worrying about someone judging you. Love is not based on fears or judgement.


When you have real love, your partner will respect you and be honest with you. They will be there when times are hard, and they will love how different you are and embrace this.

Even when there are challenges, your partner will see that you are different and will think that this is beautiful.

Love and Freedom

You need to be with someone that is fulfilling you and making you feel happy and free. You should learn to be comfortable with who you are.

Do not stop your growth even if it means that you have to walk away from your relationship. Never worry about being selfish because you need to take care of your own self before you are with others.

Change is risky but it can be worth it. You have to decide what you want to do in your life and not let fear hold you back.


Choose to grow and choose to be happy. Be with someone that can help you to feel the best that you have ever felt. Let the world know who you are.

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