Does He Need Space? Don’t Take It Personally
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Does He Need Space? Don’t Take It Personally

Of course you’re in love with your partner. But spending time away from him is necessary for a healthy relationship. It’s also normal to desire some time apart from your partner. Ariana Grande may have put it best when she sang, “I’m just sayin’, baby, I can’t really miss you if I’m with you.”

In romantic relationships, two competing needs are in a constant state of tension. People need to be individuals, but they also need to be in relationships and have connections with other people. In other words, we need to be ourselves, but we also need to belong. These opposing needs feed off of and nourish each other. In a healthy romantic relationship, partners support each other, which frees them to be their unique selves. When we can be our unique selves and are having our needs met, we become better partners.

“Me time” is important in any romantic relationship. But it’s especially important for the zodiac signs who by nature require personal space in the context of their relationships. Kind of like older smartphone batteries, people born under these five signs require extra downtime and personal space to recharge, and it only works for them if they’re alone for a while. So, it’s not you, baby, it’s me. But it’s also you, kind of. Anyway, if your lover is one of these five zodiac signs, it’s probably the case that he really does need his space.

  • Taurus, born April 20-May 20.

If there’s any sign that’s all about personal space, it’s Taurus, a steady, grounded, earth sign. As the bull of the zodiac, Tauruses are known for their stamina and strength. But for them to continue being the resilient, reliable people they are, they need plenty of downtime to just chill. Tauruses certainly can be romantic pleasure-seekers, but if they spend extended periods with any one person, they’re certain to start locking horns. Give your Taurus bae time to work out, go for a jog, or veg out in front of a movie. When he comes back to you, he’ll be ready to focus all his attention and affection back on you.

  • Virgo, born Aug. 23-Sept. 22.

Virgos are shy and solitary, so they need time on their own to organize, work, and just breathe. Virgos thrive when they’re in their routine, so if their plans get disrupted, their whole day can be upended. If you have a flair for making arrangements on the fly and unexpectedly dropping in on friends and family, things will get rocky for you and your Virgo partner, and quickly. So, anybody in a relationship with one will need to learn how to accept that a Virgo in his groove needs to be left alone. But don’t despair; you can make things work. Strive to keep the lines of communication open, and back off when your Virgo needs to recharge.

  • Scorpio, born Oct. 23-Nov. 21.

Scorpio is a water sign, so they’re generally sentimental and sensitive. But Scorpios also tend to be reserved. It’s simply a way of life for Scorpios to have plenty of “me time.” Your Scorpio will seldom get tired of his own company, and he’s highly likely for him to find that spending time with others—including you—exhausts him. Scorpios also have introverted tendencies, and because of their natural intensity, a Scorpio who isn’t getting enough space is bound to lash out. Don’t take this the wrong way: Scorpios enjoy socializing. They just handle it better in smaller portions.

  • Sagittarius, born Nov. 22-Dec. 21.

Sagittariuses are proud of their total independence, and that independence is genuine. They truly do enjoy being alone. Just like a Sagittarius can’t stand to stay indoors or in any one place, they can’t stand to be around the same person for too long. If variety is the spice of life, then Sagittariuses prefer keeping things decidedly zesty. He’ll also bring plenty of spice back with him when the two of you reunite.

  • Capricorn, born Dec. 22 -Jan. 19.

One of Capricorns’ biggest secrets is that they’re exceptionally tender and compassionate toward the ones they love. But work always comes first for Capricorns, with few exceptions. Capricorns are ambitious and determined and work harder than nearly any other sign. Considering how focused they are, they generally don’t think twice about putting their significant other on “mute” for a while. Don’t take this personally, though. Capricorns thrive when they’re alone, and they’re mindful enough to realize this.

Spending time alone is just as important as giving and receiving affection. And as with affection, some people simply need more of it than others do. If your partner says he needs some space, be sure to respect that. He’s being honest, and your relationship will certainly benefit from the time apart.

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