Being Too Clingy in Your Relationship
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Being Too Clingy in Your Relationship

Relationships can be hard and if you feel that you have found the right person, it can still be hard to balance the space that you need for yourself and having closeness with them. This can be different for everyone and some people find themselves being too clingy and you need to give your partner room.

Trust Issues

You must learn to work on any trust issues that you have. If you don’t trust your partner, giving them space will be hard. Figure out where your feelings of distrust come from and why you feel resentment towards them.

Trust has to be there for your relationship to work out and to help you to be happy. Putting trust in your partner means that you are not always asking them where they are at and you are not frustrated with everything they do.


When you are in love, it doesn’t mean that you have to be with your partner all seconds of the day. Being with someone too much can cause you to strain the relationship. You should share your thoughts and your space with your partner but if you spend too much time with your partner it can cause them to feel trapped.

Do not suffocate your partner and give them the space that they need, or your relationship can seem like a negative thing instead of something good.

Focus on You

Take time to figure out who you are and to decide what you want. It is a great thing when you can learn about who you are and what feelings you have about life. When you are alone, take this time to focus on yourself.

Having time alone can help you to see that you are independent and that you are not trapping your partner. Dependency can make your partner feel that they are responsible for your happiness and that can impact your future negatively.


Being clingy can cause those around you to lose focus on their goals and their interests. Having time alone allows you and your partner to do things that you like to do. This allows you to have healthy energy and to be constructive in your life.


If you are an anxious person, chances are you want to go to your partner to help you feel better. This can make your partner feel that they have to be responsible for you being happy.

Instead of turning to your partner, learn to manage your own feelings. Do something positive with your life and put energy that is positive into your relationship. If you have a hard time dealing with your feelings, talk to a therapist.

Body Language

Pay attention to how you are communicating with your body language. Check your posture and make sure you are not being clingy in your physical being. Always respect your partner and do not touch too much or cross too many boundaries.


Learn to be self-confident and to believe in yourself. People want to be with someone that is strong and not clingy. Do not always have to validate yourself and practice speaking and thinking positive thoughts.

Social Networking

Find people in your life that you like to spend time with. Go out on a girl’s night or find friends that like the same things that you do and join a club.

Talk it Over

Talk to your partner and tell them why you feel clingy and what is making you uncomfortable. Learn to talk to each other so you can be comfortable about working on things together and getting your problems solved. If you work on things together, you will be able to solve bigger problems that come in the relationship.

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