Karma and Balance
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Karma and Balance

I used to fear the concept of karma. I used to be very afraid at the thought of getting punished for telling lies, hurting someone else, and any other wrong I’d unintentionally committed in my past, whether in this life or another.

But karma doesn’t exist to punish us. We are all spirits made from a powerful, all compassionate energy of the purest form of love. Though some spirits separate from love during their lifetime, they will eventually find the way back to it. This is true even if they’re a lost spirit suffering self-punishment after this lifetime. Their angels of light and their guides are always there with them, waiting until they realize that no wrong could ever and would ever overcome love, the power of our truest selves.

Karma as Balance

Karma is the universe’s beautiful way to balance our spirit’s growth and to allow us to understand other points of view. Empathy is at the root of compassion. We’ll only be able to empathize with something or somebody if we can genuinely understand what they’re going through. This understanding may come about in this lifetime, or later in one of our subsequent lives.

We’re only afraid of things we don’t understand. This fear causes us to suffer more than the thing or person that we’re judging. When we understand why somebody has done something or is doing something, we can make decisions based on compassion, not on judgment. Remember that judgment is based in fear and comes from our ego, while compassion is based in love and comes from our spirit. Karma allows us to view others and ourselves through the eyes of compassion and forgiveness. This doesn’t mean that we allow others or ourselves to continue in evil, abusive, or destructive ways. Instead, it helps us see that we have the power to change our own behavior and to walk away from people who harm us.

Worthy of Love

Revenge is like drinking poison in the hopes of harming another. Revenge will only poison you on the inside. The life you’re living is your responsibility. It includes the effects we bring to others, whether intentionally or not. If we’re out of balance, karma will help you see other points of view. You’ll then be able to change the way you treat others and yourself. This goes from harming others and ourselves as well as self-harm and incorrect beliefs that we aren’t worthy of love and goodness. We’re all worthy of love and goodness. If that’s not learned in this lifetime, it will be waiting for us to learn to embrace in every subsequent life.

Karma exists to help us love others and love ourselves. Even the most abusive and evil person will have opportunities to help people suffering the same pain they have inflicted on others. They will learn to understand the abused as much as the abuser.

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