Second chances
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Second Chances

If you have been hurt or betrayed it may be hard to picture yourself  giving that person another chance. As difficulty as it is, forgiveness is part of human relationships. We are going to be let down in various ways over a lifetime.  Learning to forgive is a part of living life.

Even though we know that forgiveness is important but some find it difficult or even impossible.  We are trained to forgive if we are injured or otherwise damaged accidentally. Usually an apology is offered and we move on.  How easily we forgive is tied up with our social interaction and the effect of forgiveness on our community.

In countries with  conflict, forgiveness sees to fall by the wayside when survival and self-defense is more important. Once the community itself works on forgiveness it will lead to happiness and better stability.

Forgiveness can be beneficial by helping your state of mind and sense of well-being.  This is because you simply feel better when you forgive someone .

It’s important to remember that people are capable of change.  People do learn from mistakes. If they are given a second chance, they can prove it.  Forgiveness just saves you energy.   If you are finding yourself in the same emotional bind over and over and you don’t examine what went wrong, perhaps forgiving the one who wronged you, then you are just going to set yourself up for failure again.

And the most important reason to forgive is that you would want to be treated in the same way.  If you have ever been given a second chance, or would like to be, then you have to put it out to the universe that you are one who is willing to forgive.

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