Ways of helping somebody with depression

Ways of helping somebody with depression

You are aware of how difficult it can be to see someone you love and care about struggle with depression. You will be prompt to wonder; how can I help this person?

Ways of helping someone with depression:

  1. Learn about depression. There are quite a number of sites on the internet where you can learn about depression, its signs and symptoms and how it can be treated. Learn about the rules that the treatment should follow especially where you hail from. Have an idea of what disability law entails as depression is part of mental illness.
  2. Put yourself in their shoes. Have facts about what depression really entails. Study its myths and misconceptions. And learn how it feels like.
  3. Take care of yourself. Take time away from caring for a depressed person and recharge. This is because depression feelings are very dangerous.
  4. Know that feeling upset, frustrated and angry is very ok. Trying situations always encounter such feelings. You can visit a specialist, join a support group or talk with close friends the most important thing is to share your frustrations with people rather than keeping them to yourself.
  5. Give them a shoulder to lean on. Just listen to them when they try to tell you their problems. Do not rush them. Let them know that you really care. Share with them your findings of depression. Let them be aware that whatever’s happening is not their fault and they are very strong and have worth.
  6. Know that a depressed person’s behavior is not an indication of who they really are. A depressed individual possesses impaired social skills. They might be sullen and angry or withdrawn and shy. When they expressed themselves angrily, know that they are angry with themselves and how they feel about the whole situation. You are just caught up in all those.
  7. Depressed people are not lazy, keep that in mind. They are sick, undertaking daily activities might not be easy for them.
  8. Therapy and medications are very important to their recovery. Aid them when need be. Remind them to continue taking medication and let them know that they’re not crazy.
  9. Make them hopeful in any way you can. As long as in anything that might make them want to continue living. This could be, love for their kids, faith in God. Always remind them of that thing when they feel like giving up. You may need to seek medical help if they seem suicidal.
  10. Love them unconditionally. Let them be aware that you are not frustrated with them, but with their illness.

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