• Stop Being Clingy in 10 Steps
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    Stop Being Clingy in 10 Steps

    No one wants to date a human piece of Velcro.  From emotionally needy to becoming your partner’s shadow, being clingy is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.  If you are worried that either you or your loved one is clingy, read on to discover ten ways to stop this draining behavior. Patience is a Virtue It can be hard to wait for someone to text or call you back.  But when you fixate on when you will hear from them it can become a serious problem.  Instead of obsessively checking that your signal is strong enough, go out and live.  Instead of waiting on that person, enjoy spending time on a…

  • Signs that your ex or boyfriend still loves you
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    Signs that your ex or boyfriend still loves you

    Does he still love you? Take note of the following signs: He becomes happy when he sees you Nobody lights up when they happen to meet an ex because there is a high chance you will be bitter and angry. But when an ex is genuinely happy, warm and friendly when he sees you, he’s probably trying to see if he can win you over again. Refrain from meeting him during your contact period just to see how he behaves. Your emotions will get over you and you will be unable to think clearly. He’s both hot and cold This usually happens when you have broken up with somebody you…

  • How to know it’s now time to leave your partner
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    How to know it’s now time to leave your partner

    Although breaking up with your partner is not easy, the time you spend silently agonizing whether you should pull out can be the worst. Discovering that you don’t love someone anymore should be the easiest thing ever, but why is it so hard to know? It’s normal to be confused about a breakup since you can’t figure out if the problem is the relationship or you. Below are how to distinguish all these based on your biggest complaint: You contemplate about being intimate with other individuals Sex fantasies do not end with sex. You cannot find your partner the only person attractive and that’s normal. Everyone encounters thoughts about other…

  • Rebuilding Trust in Your Relationships
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    Rebuilding Trust in Your Relationships

    Rebuilding trust in any relationship is hard once it has been broken.  Depending on what happened, convincing your partner that you can trust them again or that you can be trusted might feel like it is impossible.  The great news though, is its not impossible.  Trust can be rebuilt if both people in the partnership are willing to put time in and work things out. Any relationship that is healthy is built on trust.  Depending on what happened to break the trust depends on what you will have to do to fix it.  There is definitely a difference in feelings between a small lie and a physical or emotional affair. …

  • 7 Places to Meet Men
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    7 Places to Meet Men

    As people navigate the single world, there are inevitably discussions of where to meet people. No one wants to go to one of those sleazy pick-up bars unless they want to build their ego. Chances are you won’t find the love of your life there. Women have prompted much online and face-to-face discussion lately about exactly where the men are and how to find them. While there is much talk on the subject, it isn’t that complicated. Men are really pretty simple and their interests are obvious. Below are seven places women can go find men who could be potential boyfriends. Ball games. This is especially true in the South…

  • Stop Falling in Love with the Impossible
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    Stop Falling in Love with the Impossible

    Whether it’s a friend’s boyfriend, a movie star, or somebody who’s just not right for us, usually what we find most attractive and appealing is that which we can’t have. As the old saying goes, the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of. Perhaps it’s because we consume too much fiction about love, or maybe we really like suffering. Whatever the case, there’s no logical explanation for why we fall in love with the impossible. The impossible may be something you frequently desire in your life if: for whatever reasons, you’ve eyed up people you can’t have. you feel attracted to people who are engaged or married. you…

  • Giving someone a second chance
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    Giving someone a second chance

    When someone has hurt you, it can be hard to give them a second chance. First of all, your mind is not in the right place and your heart probably still hurts. No matter who it is that has hurt you, you will spend some time wondering if it was worth the risk to put your heart on the line again. Should you trust them again? What is life without risk? Are they worth it? There are a few things to consider if you want to give them a second chance. Accept their apology You have to forgive them if you want to move on and keep them in your…

  • What can you do when he becomes emotionally distant?
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    What can you do when he becomes emotionally distant?

    What is it they say about only hurting the ones you love? Or absence makes the heart grow fonder? Whatever it is, he was once enraptured by your every word and now he is distant. He misses every second or third call you make and he doesn’t answer some of your texts at all.  Sometimes when this happens we do the first thing that comes to mind, grab on to him even tighter. If you started out hot and heavy, you decide to bring back the stilettos and mini-skirts, whatever it takes to appear prettier and hotter.  You do whatever you can to remind him of how attractive you are.…

  • Ways of helping somebody with depression

    Ways of helping somebody with depression

    You are aware of how difficult it can be to see someone you love and care about struggle with depression. You will be prompt to wonder; how can I help this person? Ways of helping someone with depression: Learn about depression. There are quite a number of sites on the internet where you can learn about depression, its signs and symptoms and how it can be treated. Learn about the rules that the treatment should follow especially where you hail from. Have an idea of what disability law entails as depression is part of mental illness. Put yourself in their shoes. Have facts about what depression really entails. Study its…

  • Second chances
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    Second Chances

    If you have been hurt or betrayed it may be hard to picture yourself  giving that person another chance. As difficulty as it is, forgiveness is part of human relationships. We are going to be let down in various ways over a lifetime.  Learning to forgive is a part of living life. Even though we know that forgiveness is important but some find it difficult or even impossible.  We are trained to forgive if we are injured or otherwise damaged accidentally. Usually an apology is offered and we move on.  How easily we forgive is tied up with our social interaction and the effect of forgiveness on our community. In…