Giving someone a second chance
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Giving someone a second chance

When someone has hurt you, it can be hard to give them a second chance. First of all, your mind is not in the right place and your heart probably still hurts. No matter who it is that has hurt you, you will spend some time wondering if it was worth the risk to put your heart on the line again. Should you trust them again? What is life without risk? Are they worth it? There are a few things to consider if you want to give them a second chance.

Accept their apology

You have to forgive them if you want to move on and keep them in your lives.  If they are sincerely sorry and truly wish to connect with you again, you need to forgive them. Find it in your heart to give them this other chance.

Talk about it

Set some time to have a constructive conversation about how you feel.Tell them everything.  Get all of the feelings out. You can do it without being argumentative. Explain why you want to move on with them.  If they cannot have a simple conversation with you about his matter, then you know they aren’t worth the forgiveness.

Make a list

Make a list of good things and the bad things about what the act of forgiveness. List the all of the pros and all of the cons. Consider everything. Think about everything.wrong? Examine all of the possibilities.

Leave everyone else out of it

You are the only one who has the right to make a decision about this.  Know that if you decide to forgive, you are going to get feedback from everyone. You will be party to anyone’s and everyone’s unsolicited opinion. These people are only looking out for your general health and welfare. But it is up to you. Are you ready to face that?

If you accept the apology, really accept it

If you want to give them a second chance, let them know that you don’ want to get hurt again. Hold nothing back. If you truly want to move forward, you have to set up your boundaries and you rules. Let them know that you do love and care about them and that you want to move forward.

It can be hard to forgive and let people come back into your lives. It is definitely okay to forgive. It’s ok to be on your guard for awhile. It is perfectly ok to care about yourself first.

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