• 5 Tips to Create Real Love
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    5 Tips to Create Real Love

    Many people are successful at everything but love. They can turn a project into gold or lead a team to do something incredible, but their love life is in shambles. You can blame your schedule or your career, but there is no reason for you not to have the love you want and deserve. Creating Self-love Most people don’t understand the concept of self-love. We are all taught to be selfless, so self-love seems wrong. Real self-love isn’t selfish. It is simply understanding that you have worth and are deserving of love. It is having an understanding of both your gifts and flaws and be vulnerable enough to share yourself…

  • Leave a Relationship that Isn’t Working
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    Leave a Relationship that Isn’t Working

    One of the hardest things that you can do and one of the hardest conversations that you can have is when you have to end a relationship.  This conversation is harder than any job interview, talk with your children or your parents or telling someone that you aren’t going to be there for their special day.  There is no way to have this conversation to be peaceful but there are ways that you can have this conversation without it being worse.  When you want to leave the relationship, remember to be as kind as you can. Ghosting Ghosting is a term where someone just stops talking to you and basically…

  • 10 Reasons Why Couples Should Talk About Their Exes
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    10 Reasons Why Couples Should Talk About Their Exes

    Open conversations are an important component in building a strong foundation for your romantic relationship. But there may be some topics you may feel hesitant to discuss. For example, you may feel uncomfortable asking questions and hearing about the ex-girlfriends your partner dated before you. But here are 10 reasons why it’s important for couples to talk openly about their dating history: Everyone a dating history, and our exes do exist. Romantic partners naturally want to know things about each other’s childhoods and details about their lives before they got together. Sharing information with our current partner about past dating lives is also a good thing. You and your partner…

  • Why Old Souls Have a Hard Time Finding Love
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    Why Old Souls Have a Hard Time Finding Love

    When you are an old soul or a free spirit, you have a different sense of love than other people do.  You might find that you are mature and that you find love to be different and real. Sometimes, old souls are people that have a lot of pain in their past and this pain can make them be who they are today.  They have learned to grow up and to be emotionally mature.  They might think of long-term relationships differently than other people do.  They don’t want to deal with a lot of baggage, and they might carry baggage of their own. It is not easy for a person…

  • Live In Relationship Before Marriage
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    Live In Relationship Before Marriage

    Everyone has different aspirations while they are growing up, some want to be in a certain career, while others want to be strong in their relationships.  Some people want to be famous and have a lot of friends and some want to be rich and own their own businesses. Marriage is one of those things that people aspire towards.  People will come to a point where they want to settle down and make a marriage work, but not everyone wants to be married. If you are in a situation where you can make a choice to commit to the person you love, this means that you will love them with…

  • Things that Won’t Change in a Relationship
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    Things that Won’t Change in a Relationship

    If you ask the question, “should I give up on him?” then chances are that you have feelings for him, but the bad news is that you still have feelings for him. When you love someone, you probably love hard.  The problem is that some people aren’t meant to be with us, and we can love people that aren’t good for us.  People like this make us feel unloved and unhappy. No man is going to be perfect but there has to come to a point where there are better days than bad days.  There has to be sacrifice but there also needs to be sacrifice from him.  Each relationship…

  • 8 Strategies to Reinvigorate Your Search for Love
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    8 Strategies to Reinvigorate Your Search for Love

    Why does it seem like all the good ones are taken?!  In this era of digital dating, it can be daunting to swipe or click through all the posts to find a quality person to date.  Also, with the rise of technology it might seem like courting has been abandoned altogether.  What happens when you want love, and not just a booty call? Read on to discover eight ways you can reinvigorate your search for love: Realize you are great the way you are! This can be a bitter pill to swallow when you are constantly swiping through duds on Bumble.  Think back to common threads that have been mentioned…

  • These silent ‘third parties’ will break your relationship
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    These silent ‘third parties’ will break your relationship

    We have all gotten involved in a relationship at any given time be it a family relationship, friendship, etc. however, the most important relationship we value is the relationship between a man and a woman. Its something we treasure so much that we often don’t want it to end, but for most of us, these kinds of relationships end once or twice before we find who best suits us. You should pay attention to the behaviors that are likely to break your relationship if you don’t want the love between you and your partner to end. We might have thought that the most dangerous threat is a third individual coming…

  • Stop Being Clingy in 10 Steps
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    Stop Being Clingy in 10 Steps

    No one wants to date a human piece of Velcro.  From emotionally needy to becoming your partner’s shadow, being clingy is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.  If you are worried that either you or your loved one is clingy, read on to discover ten ways to stop this draining behavior. Patience is a Virtue It can be hard to wait for someone to text or call you back.  But when you fixate on when you will hear from them it can become a serious problem.  Instead of obsessively checking that your signal is strong enough, go out and live.  Instead of waiting on that person, enjoy spending time on a…

  • Signs that your ex or boyfriend still loves you
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    Signs that your ex or boyfriend still loves you

    Does he still love you? Take note of the following signs: He becomes happy when he sees you Nobody lights up when they happen to meet an ex because there is a high chance you will be bitter and angry. But when an ex is genuinely happy, warm and friendly when he sees you, he’s probably trying to see if he can win you over again. Refrain from meeting him during your contact period just to see how he behaves. Your emotions will get over you and you will be unable to think clearly. He’s both hot and cold This usually happens when you have broken up with somebody you…