• Stop Falling in Love with the Impossible
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    Stop Falling in Love with the Impossible

    Whether it’s a friend’s boyfriend, a movie star, or somebody who’s just not right for us, usually what we find most attractive and appealing is that which we can’t have. As the old saying goes, the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of. Perhaps it’s because we consume too much fiction about love, or maybe we really like suffering. Whatever the case, there’s no logical explanation for why we fall in love with the impossible. The impossible may be something you frequently desire in your life if: for whatever reasons, you’ve eyed up people you can’t have. you feel attracted to people who are engaged or married. you…

  • Giving someone a second chance
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    Giving someone a second chance

    When someone has hurt you, it can be hard to give them a second chance. First of all, your mind is not in the right place and your heart probably still hurts. No matter who it is that has hurt you, you will spend some time wondering if it was worth the risk to put your heart on the line again. Should you trust them again? What is life without risk? Are they worth it? There are a few things to consider if you want to give them a second chance. Accept their apology You have to forgive them if you want to move on and keep them in your…

  • What can you do when he becomes emotionally distant?
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    What can you do when he becomes emotionally distant?

    What is it they say about only hurting the ones you love? Or absence makes the heart grow fonder? Whatever it is, he was once enraptured by your every word and now he is distant. He misses every second or third call you make and he doesn’t answer some of your texts at all.  Sometimes when this happens we do the first thing that comes to mind, grab on to him even tighter. If you started out hot and heavy, you decide to bring back the stilettos and mini-skirts, whatever it takes to appear prettier and hotter.  You do whatever you can to remind him of how attractive you are.…

  • Second chances
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    Second Chances

    If you have been hurt or betrayed it may be hard to picture yourself  giving that person another chance. As difficulty as it is, forgiveness is part of human relationships. We are going to be let down in various ways over a lifetime.  Learning to forgive is a part of living life. Even though we know that forgiveness is important but some find it difficult or even impossible.  We are trained to forgive if we are injured or otherwise damaged accidentally. Usually an apology is offered and we move on.  How easily we forgive is tied up with our social interaction and the effect of forgiveness on our community. In…

  • You shouldn’t be jealous of other couples
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    You shouldn’t be jealous of other couples. Here are 7 reasons why

    You are always anxious to know how couples get along when you see them. You keep wondering how their sex life is, how they behave when they are in the house and whether they love themselves so much. The same part of you that is always anxious is the same that can’t wait to know how your relationship relates to theirs. Cooper Lawrence, a host of a US-based relationship radio program says that “comparing yourself to other couples or using them as a benchmark is quite human.” “There are lessons you can learn from how they conduct their relationship. However, problems may arise when you decide to make the wrong…

  • Karma and Balance
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    Karma and Balance

    I used to fear the concept of karma. I used to be very afraid at the thought of getting punished for telling lies, hurting someone else, and any other wrong I’d unintentionally committed in my past, whether in this life or another. But karma doesn’t exist to punish us. We are all spirits made from a powerful, all compassionate energy of the purest form of love. Though some spirits separate from love during their lifetime, they will eventually find the way back to it. This is true even if they’re a lost spirit suffering self-punishment after this lifetime. Their angels of light and their guides are always there with them,…

  • Ghosting After Sex
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    Ten Reasons He’s Ghosting You After Sex

    You slept with him. Now he’s ghosting you. It hurts! But instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you need to figure out why you’re being ignored after sex. It feels bad when you get ignored after sex. Your self-esteem and ego are totally crushed, and you just can’t figure out why he’d do that to you. You weren’t necessarily expecting him to propose marriage, but at least he could have come right out and told you he’s not interested anymore. It stings to hear that, but at least you’d have closure. But alas, he didn’t even do that. So, why are you being ignored after sex? I don’t know him…

  • You Want to Break Up, but He Doesn't. Now What?
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    You Want to Break Up, but He Doesn’t. Now What?

    Breaking up stinks. But it stinks even more to break up when he doesn’t want to. Breaking up takes time, courage, and deep thought. You know that it’s for the best, but it’s difficult because you care for him. Figuring out how to handle it when you want break up, but he doesn’t, makes it even more difficult. You probably think he just won’t get it, and you’re probably right. He might think you just need a few days of space to chill, and everything between you will be cool again. In other words, you feel like he won’t take your feelings seriously. Maybe you haven’t been straightforward with him,…

  • How to Get Your Ex Back
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    How to Get Your Ex Back

    At some point, everyone has wanted an ex back. Ending relationships can involve life’s most difficult lessons. Whether it was your decision or not, like the old song says, breaking up is hard to do. Of course, relationships end for a variety of reasons. Maybe you broke his heart. This might make it difficult for him to give you a second chance. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Or perhaps he broke up with you because he felt like things just weren’t working out. But now you feel desperate to prove to him that he made a huge mistake. So, what if you can’t get your ex out of…

  • Can You Break Up and Stay Friends
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    Can You Break Up and Stay Friends?

    If you end a relationship on mutual or good terms, it makes sense to desire to remain close. But is it really a good idea to remain friends with your ex after breaking up? It’s difficult to end a relationship, especially if you still care for your ex. You don’t want to go your separate ways because you’re connected and you get along. But should you stay friends? The answer depends on a lot of things. Here are just a few. Did you have a friendship before you dated? You may wonder why this matters. If you weren’t friends before you dated, you might not have anything to hold on…